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Nissan’s All New Qashqai

A good indication of how a new model is going to do in the market place is to monitor how the out- going model has been doing on its run-out phase. Checking out the sales of Nissan’s Qashqai the past few months, we have noted that the numbers are in the region of 400 a month, pretty much the average ...

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Subaru’s New WRX Re-visited

At the launch of the new WRX I was perhaps a little underwhelmed by the car, as I wasn’t completely convinced by a shift in emphasis from sportiness to a more suave approach from this iconic Japanese manufacturer. I have to admit that after spending a few days with the new WRX rather than taking turns at the wheel on ...

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Mine-tough Ford Ranger XL Plus

Ford SA has introduced a mine-hardened version of its popular Ranger to the local market. The new variant – the Ranger XL-Plus – is a new entry-level proposition into the line-up while of- fering a new dimension of toughness to the range. It is of particular interest to mining companies, farmers and other business owners with very specific requirements. Built at ...

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Macan Extends Porsche’s Appeal

There are two amazing tales about the global auto- motive industry from the past few years. One is the rise of electric car maker, Tesla, which was founded in the US by South African- born master entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2008, and sold more than 22 000 of its leading edge cars in 2013. The other is the diversification which has happened ...

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New Qashqai Set to Follow in the Original Cross-over’s Wheel-tracks

The all-new, reinvented second generation Nissan QASHQAI is now available on South African roads. The first generation model proved to be overwhelmingly popular, achieving more than two million sales worldwide since its 2007 launch. Now, the all-new, all-improved QASHQAI is set to continue this success in a market segment which is unequivocally led by Nissan. “The ultimate driving experience – ...

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New Polo

Brief Summary Volkswagen Polo is one of the world’s bestselling compact models with nearly 14 million units produced and sold worldwide to date. The Volkswagen factory in Uitenhage is one of the two plants in the Volkswagen production network that assembles the Polo hatch. In South Africa, the Polo is produced for both the local and export markets. Since its ...

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Suzuki’s Spacey, Versatile Ertiga

Suzuki Ertiga

Award-winning global life utility vehicle (LUV) adds space and versatility to Suzuki’s compact vehicle family Three seating rows provide ample space and comfort Versatile seating and cargo arrangements ensure exceptional practicality Proven 1,4-litre engine and front-wheel drive link class-leading fuel efficiency to performance Adapted Swift platform delivers agile handling and smooth ride comfort Feel-good interior offers tactile quality and extensive ...

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Sophisticated New Subaru Wrx

Subaru WRX pic 1FI

Two new WRX models offer a more thrilling driving experience Manual and Sport Lineartronic™ CVT derivatives available Premium specifications up the comfort and luxury antes The all-new Subaru WRX is now available in South Africa. Building on a long history and poised to continue to enjoy a cult following in the country, the new WRX conforms to traditional WRX characteristics ...

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Subaru’s WRX Makes a Different Statement

Forget wild-eyed robot racers with their caps placed on their heads backwards. Subaru’s new WRX is a svelte, sophisticated performance machine that has realised that, to impress the bank manager, a new suit of clothes and air of refinement is a prerequisite. Oh, the performance from the famed boxer- engine layout with symmetrical all-wheel-drive is still the underpinning feature that, ...

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